Universal Horror Unleashed: Details announced for the year-round horror attraction in Las Vegas

For many people, the Universal brand is synonymous with horror. In the early 1900s, Universal first brought iconic characters such as Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolf Man and the Invisible Man to the silver screen. And today, the company is a powerhouse in the horror industry with iconic modern horror films like “M3GAN” and “Us,” along with annual Halloween Horror Nights events at its U.S. and international theme parks.

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And soon, horror lovers will be able to experience the darker side of Universal all year long.

This week, Universal Destinations & Experiences announced the name of the company’s first year-round horror experience: Universal Horror Unleashed.


This groundbreaking foray into a permanent horror experience outside of its theme parks gives Universal the opportunity to take what it does best — immersive, experiential storytelling — to the next level.

“Universal Horror Unleashed is another way we are using our unique style of horror storytelling to engage fans of this genre,” Page Thompson, president of new ventures for Universal Destinations & Experiences, said in a press release. “We look forward to bringing frightful fun to Las Vegas year-round.”

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And the new destination, which will be located at AREA15 in Las Vegas, will not only give guests the chance to step into a thrilling world of horrors, but will also let them visit themed dining locations and bars during their visit and shop for spooky merchandise. The company also revealed that Universal Horror Unleashed is being designed with the ability to be continuously updated, including for seasonal events.


Universal will release more details and an opening date as the project progresses, but Universal Horror Unleashed’s Las Vegas location is just one of many moves the company is making to expand to new audiences in new markets. Earlier this year, Universal also announced it would be opening a kid-friendly theme park in Frisco, Texas.

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Las Vegas is usually known for its glowing neon lights around every corner and the chorus of joyful screams and laughter coming from the few gamblers who can call themselves “lucky,” but with the introduction of Universal Horror Unleashed, the corners will be darker and the screams you hear will be for an entirely different reason.

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