This service can help you find Global Entry appointments

As Global Entry interview appointments have become coveted, multiple third-party services have taken the legwork out of scouring U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s online scheduling tool to identify available interview slots as part of the final step of the application process.

Once new users are approved for Global Entry, conditionally or otherwise, they must complete an in-person interview to use the Trusted Traveler Program that helps expedite the customs process back into the U.S.

Though appointment availability appears to have improved since the pandemic-induced backlog, some locations remain booked through the end of the year as of November.

If you are having trouble scheduling an interview or simply want to expedite the process, consider Global Entry Spotter. On average, it notifies 90% of users of appointments within 24 hours of signing up.

What is Global Entry Spotter


Global Entry Spotter is a paid service that alerts users of open appointments via text message at their top three desired Global Entry Enrollment centers.

As of November, it scans appointments at 110 centers, but at any point, it could be in the 105—120 range, said Alex Tilford, the company’s co-founder.

Unlike other appointment-finding services, Global Entry Spotter does not operate on a monthly basis but rather charges $25 for unlimited alerts.

“We wanted to guarantee that all of our customers booked appointments, so we figured out a way to offer unlimited alerts. All other competitors only offer alerts for 30/31 days, but what if there are only two new appointments in that time that you’re unable to book?” said Tilford. “We offer indefinitely until you unsubscribe so that you are guaranteed an appointment.”

How to sign up for Global Entry Spotter


To sign up, new users create an account and select their top three enrollment center location preferences and alert preferences. The entire sign-up process should take less than one minute.

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How Global Entry Spotter alerts work


Though the success rate varies based on the enrollment center, 9 out of 10 Global Entry Spotter users receive their first alert within 24 hours, according to the company.

“Sometimes it only takes minutes depending on location, sometimes longer,” Tilford said. “We haven’t had anyone wait longer than a week for their first alert.”

Customers who are unable to secure an appointment within the first month are entitled to a refund, Tilford confirmed.

After the Global Entry Spotter notifies users of open interview slots and they successfully interview, users should unsubscribe from the service.

“Our duty is finished when they have secured an appointment,” Tilford said. “But, if they have to cancel their appointment and find another, they are able to turn our alerts back on free of charge.”

Bottom line


Unlike Appointment Scanner or TTP Appointments, which provide alerts on a monthly basis, Global Entry Spotter offers users unlimited alerts for a one-time fee.

With current Global Entry application processing times averaging four to six months per CBP, approved Global Entry applicants with imminent immediate travel plans could benefit from this service.

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