Holland America cruise ships from newest to oldest — a complete list

What is the newest Holland America cruise ship? It’s something you want to know if you’re in the market for a Holland America cruise.

The newest Holland America ship is typically also the Holland America ship with the most up-to-date venues, including restaurants and bars, as well as the most up-to-date cabins and suites. It’s what you want if you desire the very latest and greatest in a vessel for your Holland America cruise vacation.

The newest Holland America cruise ship currently is the 2,650-passenger Rotterdam, which also is the Holland America flagship. It debuted in October 2021.

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Other relatively new Holland America ships include the 2,650-passenger Nieuw Statendam and the 2,650-passenger Koningsdam, which are sister ships to Rotterdam. They both began sailing in the last seven years.

In all, Holland America operates 11 cruise vessels. On average, the line comes out with one new ship every two to three years, but the pace of its ship rollouts is lumpy. Between 2002 and 2004, it added a ship every year, but it also went six years without a new ship between 2010 and 2016.

Holland America also recently shrunk its fleet considerably with the retirement of four older vessels.

In general, Holland America’s newest ships are bigger and more amenity-packed than the oldest Holland America ships. But they’re not as big as the biggest ships operated by such competitors as Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises. Among the seven big cruise lines that account for the majority of cruises taken by North Americans, Holland America is known for smaller and more intimate vessels.

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In some cases, Holland America’s oldest cruise ships — those built in the late 1990s and early 2000s — are as much as 39% smaller than the line’s newest vessels and have fewer venues on board.

Here, every Holland America cruise ship currently in operation is ranked from newest to oldest:

1. Rotterdam


Maiden voyage: 2021.
Size: 99,863 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 2,650.

2. Nieuw Statendam


Maiden voyage: 2018.
Size: 99,863 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 2,650.

3. Koningsdam


Maiden voyage: 2016.
Size: 99,863 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 2,650.

4. Nieuw Amsterdam


Maiden voyage: 2010.
Size: 86,700 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 2,106.

5. Eurodam


Maiden voyage: 2008.
Size: 86,273 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 2,104.

6. Noordam


Maiden voyage: 2006.
Size: 82,318 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 1,924.

7. Westerdam


Maiden voyage: 2004.
Size: 82,305 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 1,916.

8. Oosterdam


Maiden voyage: 2003.
Size: 82,305 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 1,916.

9. Zuiderdam


Maiden voyage: 2002.
Size: 82,305 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 1,916.

10. Zaandam


Maiden voyage: 2000.
Size: 61,396 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 1,432.

11. Volendam


Maiden voyage: 1999.
Size: 61,214 gross tons.
Passenger capacity: 1,432.

What is the newest Holland America cruise ship?

The newest Holland America cruise ship is the 2,650-passenger Rotterdam. As noted above, it debuted in October 2021, making it less than two years old.

Measuring 99,863 gross tons, Rotterdam is tied with two slightly older sister ships (Nieuw Statendam and Koningsdam) as the biggest ship in the Holland America fleet. In addition to being the newest ships in the Holland America fleet, the three vessels, collectively known as the Pinnacle class of ships, have the most amenities of the ships in the Holland America fleet.

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Notably, in addition to a main restaurant and casual buffet, the three Pinnacle Class ships have five separate specialty dining venues — everything from a pan-Asian eatery and an Italian restaurant to a steakhouse. That’s more than you’ll find on other Holland America ships.

Pinnacle Class ships also have all of Holland America’s signature entertainment venues — something that can’t be said for the line’s older vessels.

What is the oldest Holland America cruise ship?

The oldest Holland America cruise ship is the 1,432-passenger Volendam. Unveiled in 1999, it’s not just the oldest Holland America ship but the smallest Holland America ship. Measuring just 61,214 gross tons, it’s 39% smaller than Rotterdam and the two other Pinnacle-class vessels mentioned above.

Because of its smaller size, Volendam has fewer features and amenities than most other Holland America ships, particularly the ships of the newest Pinnacle Class and another recent group of vessels called the Signature Class.

In general, Volendam appeals to cruisers looking for a more intimate cruise experience. It also draws cruisers who care more about the destinations they visit on a cruise than onboard attractions.

What new Holland America cruise ships are coming?

Holland America currently does not have a single ship on order. The brand is owned by Carnival Corporation, which has not ordered new ships for the nine lines that it owns for several years as it focuses on paying down debt. Carnival Corporation took on an enormous about of debt during the COVID-19 pandemic to stay in business.

What is the newest class of Holland America cruise ships?

The Pinnacle Class is the newest class of Holland America ships. It’s made up of three vessels: Rotterdam, Nieuw Statendam and Koningsdam.

Each of the three ships measures 99,863 gross tons and carries 2,650 passengers at double occupancy. The vessels rolled out as a series between 2016 and 2021.

As mentioned above, Pinnacle-class ships have the most venues of any Holland America ship, including all of the line’s signature entertainment venues.

Specifically, on Pinnacle-class ships, you’ll find one of the line’s signature Music Walk live entertainment areas with a B.B. King’s Blues Club (for Memphis-style rhythm and blues), Billboard Onboard (for chart-topping hits played by a live pianist) and Rolling Stone Rock Room (for a live band playing classic rock).

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The Pinnacle-class ships also have spectacular state-of-the-art main theaters with push-out stages enveloped by two-story, 270-degree wraparound LED screens. The theaters are home to all sorts of additional music, dance and comedy performances.

The top decks of the Pinnacle-class ships have main pool areas that can be covered by a retractable glass magrodome during inclement weather. This makes these ships a good choice when booking a cruise in a destination where the weather can be iffy.

What’s the difference between newer and older Holland America ships?

Newer Holland America cruise ships generally are bigger than older Holland America ships — sometimes much bigger. As a result, they have room for more onboard venues and attractions than the line’s older vessels.

Holland America’s older ships are as much as 39% smaller than the biggest Holland America ships and lack some features found on the bigger ships. They have a more intimate feel, and they hold fewer people. While Pinnacle-class ships can hold 2,650 passengers at double occupancy, the line’s two oldest vessels (known as the R Class) are only designed to carry 1,432 passengers at double occupancy.

As a result, the oldest Holland America ships are a good choice for someone who wants to try Holland America but is looking to travel with a smaller crowd. The oldest ships in the Holland America fleet thus appeal to a subset of Holland America fans who prefer more intimacy in a cruise vessel and don’t mind giving up some onboard amenities to get it. They are also often less expensive to sail on, on a per-day basis.

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Note that all Holland America ships are renovated and upgraded on a regular schedule every few years, so even the oldest Holland America cruise vessels have newer carpeting, updated furniture, modern decor in cabins and other updates. In many cases, they also have had entire eateries and bars renovated over the years with concepts that first debuted on newer vessels.

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