From a Jungle Cruise lounge to a ‘Coco’ restaurant, Disney Treasure reveals details and itineraries

Are you ready for your next Disney cruise adventure? At an exclusive event aboard the Disney Wish cruise ship, Disney Cruise Line revealed many of the details of its next new cruise ship, Disney Treasure, debuting in December 2024.

The theme of the ship is adventure — and the ship’s decor, restaurants, bars, public spaces and cabins all lean into the spirit of exploration and travel, which is all the more rewarding, Disney says, when you bring your family and friends along.

Disney Treasure is identical to Disney Wish in physical structure and layout, carrying a maximum of 4,000 passengers in 1,256 cabins and suites. The reveal focused entirely on the theming of the onboard spaces and entertainment, especially in some areas where Treasure will differ from Wish.

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The adventure theme has been in the pipeline since Disney’s new Triton ship-class project began.

“What we actually did was sit down with our Imagineers and planned out all three ships at the same time,” Sharon Siskie, senior vice president and general manager of Disney Cruise Line, told TPG in an interview.

“When you’re doing a series of three sisters, you can take the structure of it that you love and find new ways to bring them to life with different overlays and different characters and experiences and ways in which we’ll activate the ships,” she added. “We started with ‘enchantment’ and that was how the Disney Wish was born. And then our second variation on the theme was ‘adventure.'”

Start speculating now about the third ship’s theme, but you’ll have to wait a bit for that announcement.

To whet your appetite while you wait, here we present the treasure trove of Disney Treasure secrets, newly released from their chest, that we unearthed this week.

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Disney Treasure’s itinerary and sail dates

Arthur Quinn, Disney Treasure’s resident explorer, peruses a treasure map. ERICA SILVERSTEIN/THE POINTS GUY

You have plenty of time to unearth your binoculars and dust off your pith helmet because Disney Treasure won’t set sail until December 2024. The ship will sail seven-night Western and Eastern Caribbean itineraries from Port Canaveral, Florida (near Orlando).

The maiden voyage will be an Eastern Caribbean cruise departing on Dec. 21, 2024. It will visit Tortola, St. Thomas and Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) with three sea days to enjoy all the onboard entertainment and attractions. Most of the ship’s Eastern Caribbean itineraries will be the same, but a few swap out St. Thomas for San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Treasure’s seven-night Western Caribbean itineraries visit Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman; Falmouth, Jamaica; and Castaway Cay with two sea days.

The fact that Disney Treasure is doing weeklong cruises, compared to Disney Wish’s three- and four-night sailings, is important because it means that Disney has to find twice as many ways to keep guests entertained on board but with the same number of onboard spaces.

Bookings open to Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club members on Sept. 12, 2023, and to the public on Sept. 20. Disney fans are sure to be all over this ship, so book early for the best prices and the greatest availability as prices generally only increase once bookings are available.


New and returning restaurants

1923 restaurant. AMY SMITH/DISNEY

Like all Disney ships, Disney Treasure will offer three main restaurants that guests dine at in rotation throughout their cruise. On a seven-night cruise, passengers will eat at each venue at least twice.

Two venues that debuted on Wish will make a comeback on Treasure. They include 1923, an homage to The Walt Disney Company and its decades of animation innovation that serves California cuisine, and Worlds of Marvel. Treasure will add a new second show to the Worlds of Marvel lineup in addition to offering a slightly tweaked version of Quantum Encounter, the dinner show on Disney Wish. The new show’s plotline and starring superheroes will be revealed at a later date, though Disney did tease that Nick Fury, the founder of the Avengers, has the information listed as top-secret.

The third restaurant on Disney Treasure will be Plaza de Coco, replacing the “Frozen”-themed Arendelle that is found on Disney Wish.

This new restaurant, Disney’s first theatrical dining experience themed to the film “Coco,” will serve Mexican fare with a modern twist. The restaurant is laid out like a theater-in-the-round, just as you’d find for Arendelle, and each of the two shows will feature live singing and dancing. The first stars Miguel, his parents and his grandmother, while the second focuses on Dia de los Muertos with the return of Miguel’s great-great-grandparents, Hector and Mama Imelda.

The cruise line worked with cultural consultants to make the costumes, food and performances as authentic as possible.

Every guest will also have an extra night in one restaurant. This will be on Disney’s famed Pirate Night, and each venue will serve the same pirate-themed menu with waiters in pirate attire.

The ship’s fast-casual, upper-deck Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods will remain the same as on Wish. Palo Steakhouse and Enchante will also return with their affiliated The Rose bar.

Jumbeaux’s Sweets, which is inspired by Jumbeaux’s Cafe in the movie “Zootopia,” will be a new ice cream parlor and candy shop for all the sweet tooths on board. Pose for photos with Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde before choosing from dozens of flavors of gelato, ice cream and sorbet.

Artist’s rendering of Jumbeaux’s Sweets. DISNEY

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New Disney Treasure bars

It’s easy to think Disney is all about the kids, but the ship will have plenty of watering holes for adults. If you’ve sailed on Disney Wish, you’ll find the bars in the same places but with newly imagined personalities.

The big question all Disney cruise fans are wondering: Will the Hyperspace Lounge, the first “Star Wars” bar at sea, make a comeback on Treasure? The answer is no, but we’ll have to wait to learn what bar will replace it, as Disney is keeping that announcement a secret for a little while longer.

What we do know is that Periscope Pub, inspired by Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (and Disney’s 1954 movie version of the book and theme park attraction), will replace the Keg and Compass as Disney Treasure’s sports bar. Enter the lounge, and you’ll feel as if you’ve boarded The Nautilus, with its giant periscope, porthole windows and a ceiling designed to look like you’re underwater. Watch out for the giant squid below!

A second reimagined bar is the Skipper Society, located where the Bayou is on Wish. It’s a shoutout to Disney’s Jungle Cruise ride and its wisecracking skippers. Look for smokey drinks and waffles on the menu of themed cocktails and snacks.

What is especially interesting about the Skipper Society bar is that it’s not based on a movie or a beloved animated character.

“We’ve never had attraction-inspired venues on any of our ships before,” Siskie told TPG. “Twenty-five years ago, when Disney Cruise Line was just getting started … there was a lot of thought about how we introduce the Disney Cruise Line brand in a way that feels elevated, not childlike. … In the beginning, we were a little cautious with that and kept it in the vein of more classic characters and stories.”

Disney’s early ships embraced a classic, nautical theme, with fewer venues focused on one character or story, let alone a particular park attraction.

But as the cruise line has grown, in both size and popularity, it has “evolved in terms of leaning in a little bit more into our characters and our stories,” explained Siskie. “These ships are a palette that we can bring lots of stories to life, so we’ve introduced a little bit more creativity and brought more stories to the forefront.”

As the cruise line continues to reveal spaces on Disney Treasure and its as-yet-unnamed future sister, expect to see more Disney favorite stories (in all senses of that word) brought to life on board.

Disney Treasure’s entertainment and activities

What will Disney Treasure’s signature Broadway-style show be? We won’t know for a while, but we do know that “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventure” will be on the marquee at the ship’s main stage as two of the three Broadway-caliber shows that will run each week.

A new show is coming to AquaMouse, Disney’s water ride attraction that debuted on Disney Wish.

Riders enjoy an animated adventure with Disney character’s before they start twisting and turning around the ship. Wish has two shows in rotation, and Treasure will add a third called “Curse of the Golden Egg.” It stars Mickey and Minnie, who have to dodge booby traps and other surprises as they search for treasure within an ancient temple. This new show will eventually be added to the AquaMouse rotation on Disney Wish.

The “Lion King”-themed Sarabi (formerly Luna) will be the ship’s two-story, multipurpose entertainment zone. The Grand Hall we already know will feature Aladdin and Jasmine and take its design inspiration from Asia, Africa and the fictional kingdom of Agrabah.

The different play areas within Disney Cruise Line’s famous kids clubs — Oceaneer Club, Vibe and Edge — will be nearly identical to the spaces on Disney Wish. However, the slide from the Grand Hall into the club on Disney Treasure will have a unique design inspired by “The Jungle Book.”

Adventure-themed cabins and a futuristic Tower Suite

The ship’s 1,256 cabins and suites will also embrace the adventure and exploration theme. Design elements and art take inspiration from movies such as “Aladdin,” “Pocahontas,” “Finding Nemo,” “Up,” “Luca” and “Encanto.” The Concierge Suites will be “Lion King” themed, while the four Royal Suites honor the tigers of “The Jungle Book” and “Aladdin.”

Disney Wish introduced the nearly 2,000-square-foot Tower Suite, which was themed to “Moana,” in the ship’s faux funnel.

Disney Treasure will also have that signature suite, but it will be the Tomorrow Tower Suite inspired by Epcot. Expect a futuristic, imaginative design in this multiroom suite that can sleep up to eight guests.

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More reveals to come

Captain Minnie Mouse in her exploration outfit. ERICA SILVERSTEIN/THE POINTS GUY

Disney fans are sure to be waiting with bated breath for more news about Disney Treasure’s new third Broadway-style musical, an immersive-themed bar to replace Hyperspace Lounge and the new Worlds of Marvel dinner show.

But don’t wait for all the details before booking if you want to snag a cabin on one of the new ship’s maiden voyages, as those are sure to sell out quickly once they go on sale.

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