Alaska Airlines announces new elite status match challenge perk for California-based flyers

For a limited time only, Alaska Airlines is offering a pretty cool perk as part of a status match promotion for California-based flyers only.

Starting today through March 20, Californians who take part in a status match challenge to MVP Gold 75K will receive a complimentary Alaska Lounge membership during the 90-day challenge.

That’s pretty cool since you don’t normally get a lounge membership simply through status. Normally, members earn four Alaska Lounge day passes — but only if you qualify for MVP Gold 75K or MVP Gold 100K organically.

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If you are not currently an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan member, you must sign up for an account to participate in this challenge. Then, simply upload a screenshot of your current elite status in another program to initiate the challenge.


Your existing status will be matched to either MVP, MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75K (based on the chart above), and you’ll enjoy that status for 90 days. You then must fly Alaska-marketed and operated flights to maintain your new status beyond the initial 90-day period.

  • Fly 5,000 miles for MVP status.
  • Fly 10,000 miles for MVP Gold status.
  • Fly 20,000 miles for MVP Gold 75K status.

MVP Gold 75K status, Alaska’s second-highest status level, is normally earned by flying at least 75,000 elite-qualifying miles or 90 segments, at least 12 of which must be on Alaska Airlines — so this is a significant shortcut to enjoying these perks.

Once you reach one of the above thresholds, your status will extend beyond the first 90 days in one of two ways:

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  • Start your status match by the end of June and meet the requirements to keep your status through the end of 2023.
  • Start your status match between July and December and meet the requirements to keep your status through the end of 2024.

Remember that Alaska still rewards miles (and status) based on actual miles flown, so this fun promotion might even make some mileage running worth the trouble. However, just note that you can only status match once over the lifetime of your account, so be sure this is the right time before jumping in.

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Bottom line

This new promotion is a deal sweetener for California residents, as you can now enjoy 90 days of Alaska Lounge access if you initiate a status challenge for MVP Gold 75K by March 20, 2023. Though this part of the offer is limited to California-based flyers, it’s a quick way to earn a status that’s not so hard to maintain.

If you are not based in California, you can still participate in Alaska’s existing status match challenge program outlined here. With this program, Alaska will match your existing airline status on select U.S. and Canadian airlines with its respective MVP tier for 90 days, and you can extend your status by earning the same number of elite-qualifying miles detailed above.

However, only California flyers will enjoy lounge access during that trial period.

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