A guide to the American Express Platinum prepaid hotel credit

In July 2021, American Express gave The Platinum Card® from American Express a significant refresh by adding several new annual credits.

Today we’ll walk through one of the most notable benefits, $200 back in statement credits each year on prepaid bookings with Fine Hotels + Resorts or The Hotel Collection properties with American Express Travel.

Let’s walk through how to maximize this credit for your upcoming travels.

What is the Amex Platinum prepaid hotel credit?

Amex Platinum cardholders receive $200 back in statement credits each calendar year when they make bookings through Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts (FHR) or The Hotel Collection.


Amex FHR provides true elitelike benefits — such as daily breakfast, property credit, room upgrades, late checkout and other extras — at more than 1,100 luxury properties worldwide. Meanwhile, The Hotel Collection provides a room upgrade at check-in when available and up to a $100 hotel credit for qualifying dining, spa and resort activities.

Note that The Hotel Collection requires a minimum two-night stay, while Amex FHR properties do not have a minimum stay requirement.

How to use the Amex Platinum prepaid hotel credit

Unlike other Amex Platinum credits, you do not have to register for the prepaid hotel credit before using it.

To get started, you can either head to Amex Travel directly to search for a hotel or navigate to the Amex FHR and The Hotel Collection landing page.


Searching on the general Amex Travel site, you can filter hotels based on their program affiliation as Amex FHR and The Hotel Collection properties.

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(Screenshot courtesy of Amex)

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Then go through the booking process as you typically would and use your Platinum card to pay for your FHR or The Hotel Collection reservation.

American Express states it may take up to 90 days for the up to $200 annual statement credit to post, but it usually takes only three days on average. A prepaid Amex FHR booking for an upcoming hotel stay was credited to my Platinum card within a day.

(Screenshot courtesy of Amex)
(Screenshot courtesy of Amex)

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FAQs on Amex Platinum prepaid hotel credit

Are all hotels eligible for the Amex Platinum prepaid hotel credit?

No, not all hotels are eligible for the prepaid hotel credit. Your prepaid hotel must be booked through Amex Travel, specifically for a hotel within the Fine Hotels + Resorts or The Hotel Collection programs.

Is there a minimum stay requirement for the Amex Platinum prepaid hotel credit?

While there is technically no minimum stay requirement to use the prepaid hotel credit, you must book for at least two consecutive nights to qualify for The Hotel Collection. Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts do not have any minimum stay requirements.

Can I use the Amex Platinum prepaid hotel credit across multiple bookings?

Yes, if you don’t spend all $200 on a single, prepaid Amex FHR or The Hotel Collection booking, you can receive up to $200 across multiple reservations.

Can I make back-to-back bookings using credits from two different years?

Yes, you can, but you would only be entitled to one property credit through the Amex FHR program because your two bookings are considered one stay.

For example, you could book a one-night stay for January 15 at an Amex FHR property on December 10 and up to $200 will be credited back onto your statement. Then on January 10, you could book another one-night stay for January 16 at the same Amex FHR property, getting you an additional $200 in statement credits, ultimately giving you a back-to-back stay.

Will I earn elite status or loyalty benefits when I use the Amex Platinum prepaid hotel credit?

Maybe. While many hotels will still provide loyalty benefits and elite credit for stays, not all do.

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Do authorized users get their own Amex Platinum prepaid hotel credit?

No, Amex Platinum authorized users do not receive their own up to $200 prepaid hotel credit. However, the benefit may be split across all cards on the account.

Can you make modifications to prepaid bookings?

Statement credits may not be received or may be reversed if the booking is canceled or modified. It’s best to call American Express Travel to change your booking dates and see if you are eligible to do so. It’s important to note if the booking is canceled, American Express may claw back the $200 statement credit even if you receive a refund from American Express Travel, and chances are you might not receive another credit until the calendar year resets.

Bottom line

The up to $200 prepaid hotel credit is one of the most valuable benefits of the Amex Platinum. If you can fully utilize it and think it’s worth it at or near face value, you’re already coming out ahead of the Platinum Card’s $695 annual fee (see rates and fees). The properties bookable through the Amex FHR and The Hotel Collection program are well-rated premium properties that Amex says are hand-selected. Just be sure to book a prepaid rate.

For rates and fees of the Platinum Card from American Express, click here.

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